Text 1 Jul

Q: What is a Jamaican person’s favourite Game of Thrones character?

A: Aemon Targaryen.

Text 20 Jun

Q: What kind of bees live in the North?

A: The Wallabees.

Text 20 Jun

Q: What do you call a chart that shows what wildlings and cannibals have in common?

A: A Thenn diagram.

Text 17 Jun

Q: Where did the hound go to fix his broken ear?

A: The Earie.

Text 9 Apr

Q: What was Jaime Lannister’s favourite show growing up?

A: All in the Family

Text 9 Apr

Q: How is Oberyn Martell like a writing desk?

A: They both get to fuck whoever they want.

Q: What?!

A: Well, to be fair, a writing desk never wanted to fuck anyone.

Text 7 Apr

Q: What famous actor does Jaime Lannister envy?

A: Handy Patinkin.

Text 20 Mar

Q: What is the name of the Starks’ upcoming Christmas special?

A: I’m Dreaming of a Red Christmas.

Text 19 Mar

Q: What do you call it when the King of Westeros chucks a domestic appliance out the window?

A: The Iron Thrown.

Text 19 Mar

Q: What is Jon Snow’s favourite Pixar movie?

A: The Wall-E.

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